Paging & Intercom Systems

Michiana’s #1 source for paging and intercom systems.


We Design & Install Paging Systems

Paging and intercom systems may seem like older technologies, but they still play a vital role for many businesses, factories and schools. If you are looking to install a paging system at your business, you’ve come to the right place!

At Teledata, we work with you to custom design the right paging system for your needs. We can help you integrate your paging system with your phone system, and also set up critical alerts for your staff in case of an emergency.

We also work with existing paging/intercom systems. If you’re in need of someone to service your paging system in the Michiana area look no further than the friendly service men and women at Teledata.

Contact us today for all of your paging and intercom needs!


Technical set up

Integrate with phone system

Critical Messaging Paging and Alerts

Critical alerts delivered via text and/or email

Ideal service for factories, schools, offices and healthcare facilities.

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Intercom and Paging Systems for Hospitals Schools and and Businesses in the Michiana area of Indiana and Michigan